Storage Rentals

Tips to make your storage experience as pleasant as possible!

Deciding on a Unit

  • Call storage companies to find out what size units are available, prices and vacancy information.
  • Choose the unit size that best meets your needs. Use our size estimator to make an educated guess.
  • Meet with the manager of the storage rentals facility and discuss the price, deposit and rental agreement.
  • Ask about security features of the facility (alarms, motion detectors, video surveillance, guards, security gates).
  • Get a copy of the contract, contact information, as well as the hours of operation for the facility.
  • Inspect the unit that you will be renting. It should be clean, well maintained and secure.


  • Make a list of all items you plan to store in your storage rentals facility.
  • Purchase a lock when necessary (some facilities offer them for free).
  • Gather boxes and packing supplies. Remember that you may need large boxes for lamps and other decorations, plastic sheets for covering furniture, china cartons for dishes and bubble wrap/fill paper for packing valuables.
  • Call the manager of the storage rentals facility and confirm your move-in date and time.
  • Make arrangements for transporting your items to the storage facility.

Storage Rentals

Packing your Belongings into your Storage Rentals Facility

  • Use only sturdy boxes and containers for storing your items.
  • Label all containers and boxes.
  • Fill containers to capacity and fill in space with packing material.
  • Pack heavier items in small boxes.
  • Secure mirrors, paintings and pictures in mirror boxes and pack them on edge.
  • Dissemble lamps, tables, barstools and other furnishings as applicable. Wrap pieces individually and store securely in boxes.
  • Wrap wooden table legs and chairs to avoid scratches.
  • Cover sofas with plastic wrap or sheets so that they do not gather dust, and stack them on end.
  • Cover dressers with sheets or plastic wrap so you can stack boxes on top.
  • Fill drawers and appliances with small items to conserve space.
  • Pack books flat and avoid placing them directly on the unit floor (place on a pallet or sheet).
  • Wrap dishes and other breakables individually, layering padding at the top and bottom of the box.
  • Clothing is best stored clean and in hanging cartons. These may be available through the storage company or can be purchased at a moving supply store.

Storage Rentals

Storing Advise

  • Place items in the order that you will need to access them – those that will be readily used should be placed in the front of the storage unit.
  • Before moving in pieces of large furniture, cover the ground with blankets or sheets.
  • Do not lean furniture against outside walls.
  • Place tabletops face down on the floor of your storage rentals facility(remember to lay the blanket or sheet on the ground to avoid scratching).
  • Leave appliance doors cracked open so that moisture does not build within.
  • Do not store food! This will attract mice and other pests. Storage rentals facilities will not allow food to be stored.
  • Arrange boxes so that the labels are facing out and easily read.
  • Stack boxes in a manageable manner. Put large, heavy boxes on the bottom.
  • Leave a walkway so that you can access your items as needed.

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