Storage Lockers

While Traveling
When a person travels the world there are times when it is good to store your backpack or luggage for a day or even weeks then return later. Some hostels provide this service for free and sometime you have to pay, in Europe there are often lockers in the train station.

For Workers
Staff need storage lockers as a way to secure their personal effects, clothes, and valuables during their work day. Lockers provide an excellent way for personnel as well as employers to organise their space and not have to carry around personal possessions during the shift. There are lockers that are suitable for shops, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses, schools, universities, clubs and offices. You can also conduct a survey on your site, so you will get the solution that you need.

Standard Storage Lockers
The average storage locker is constructed of 16 gauge steel, standard lockers offer privacy and space for personal storage needs. They are available in single tier, double tier, five tier box style and six tier box style. These lockers are available in a gray finish or tan. Ideal for schools or the workplace, these standard lockers can be delivered unassembled or assembled.

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