Storage Building Plans

For anyone who owns a home, do-it-yourself projects are a fact of life. The amount of planning and time you spend before you start a project can have a direct result on the end product.

Storage building plans for steel wood, or vinyle storage buildings indicate square footage and all important construction details. The floor plan is clearly displayed so that you know what to do and in which order to do each task. If for some reason you have any difficulties, do some online research regarding your problem. Checking local librarys is also a good idea for storage building plans tip and help, however, if totally stuck just make a call to a building manufacturer and they will be able to explain the process further so that you can progress. Storage building plans are usually easy to understand but the more advanced building may present a tuffer problem that even the seasoned enthusiasts may have trouble with.

A well built building built from our storage building plans will make you feel good about doing it yourself. Your extra “stuff” will now have a place of its own, safe and secure.


  • Make sure the floor is level and square, this will save you many extras cuts later on, both on the walls and the roof. So take the time to double check the outside measurements. The cost of a wood floor and a concrete floor are about the same.
  • To get the siding straight and level, I normally tack a 1″x2″ along the floor rim joist. Here the pillar was in the way so I just used a short piece of plywood.

You can choose from an incredible collection of storage building plans. Popular styles including great barn, mini barn, gable end, and saltbox. Building have many uses such as a playhouse, a garden shed, tool, woodworking or storage shed. For work or play all shed plans are designed for the do-it-yourself building projects, which save you money, and increase your pride. Storage Building Plans.

Storage UnitsStorage Units – Tip, Label boxes by numbers, have the master list separate from your storage space… and never write on the box what its contents are. Label each box as you seal it. Mark fragile on all boxes with breakables inside! Keep you storage units organised.
Metal Storage BuildingsMetal Storage Buildings – Metal Storage Buildings hold many advantages over wood frame models. The limitations for metal storage buildings and upkeep required to keep wood structures presentable are not an issue with pre engineered metal buildings.
Storage ContainerStorage Container – If you have ever rented an apartment you understand how confining the space can be. What happens to people who are moving from a house to an apartment temporarily? Storage Container.
Outdoor Storage BuildingsOutdoor Storage Buildings – What happens as you expand? What happens when you add bigger pieces of equipment to your repertoire? Outdoor Storage Buildings as a solution.