Storage Bags

Storage bag packs can make your life easier in many ways.

Use storage bags products to reduce the space your clothing takes up in your luggage. Use that extra space while you’re traveling on vacation to carry that snorkeling set, fishing gear or even ski boots. You’ll never have to pay equipment rental charges to enjoy your favorite sport or recreation while traveling.

Some storage bags seal in odor and moisture and are perfect to keep your dirty laundry contained while traveling. You’ll find that by the end of your trip, the space you save by storing laundry will give you more than enough room in your travel bags to bring home all of your travel bargains and souvenirs.

Oxygen and pollutants in the air will destroy paper over time. Moisture can do the same. To preserve your important documents, old photos and other paper valuables, place them in a storage bags with cardboard to stiffen the package, then seal. To maximize protection, store the sealed bag in a dark location, since ultraviolet light can also cause damage.

Air and moisture cause good silver to tarnish. Sealing your good silver in airtight, watertight storage bags will slow the tarnishing process dramatically.

Empty suitcases sitting in your closet or garage are the perfect place to store seasonal clothing or bedding. Simply seal items in storage bags, pack them inside the luggage and return them to their usual storage location. You can be sure stored items are safe from moisture, insects, rodents, mildew, dirt and odor regardless of where you store the luggage, and the stored items take up no additional space. It’s like getting an extra closet!