Management Services

Management will endeavour at all times to promote the industry and the product to the public within you location. As the market is growing and the fact that there are now 4 listed PLC operators more and more press coverage is being given to the industry. It is the managements responsibility to make the most of such opportunities and to raise the profile of the industry at every opportunity with the general public.

If you decides that management services is the only way to take your business forward you can be sure they will not resort to a one size fits all solution. Instead, each property?s distinctive qualities will be embraced and exploited to there full potential.

A full service management company will offers a full suite of management services for start up and existing self storage companies. Clients can mix and match from such offerings as marketing, operations, onsite supervision, staffing, accounting and payroll. Most, however, opt for full service management, with management services handling operations, policies and procedures, hiring, training and repairs.

“The giants may be able to operate that way, Even says, but the opposite is necessary to create a different image and niche for smaller operators. ?For every one of our projects, the image we project to the customer and the general public is unique. We match the profile to the marketplace”. Sterling Management… See links for further information on there management services.

Midland Self StorageMidland Self Storage – Self storage works best for items that you are likely to retrieve, but don’t have available space at home. A mini-storage unit is convenient and accessible, and you provide your own lock and key for added security. Midland Self Storage.
Self Storage AssociationSelf Storage Association – Self storage is the term applied to storage facilities that offer do it yourself storage space for members of public and businesses to rent month to month. Self Storage Association regulates the industry. 
Self Storage UnitsSelf Storage Units – Self Storage the simplest, most economical solution for all your storage needs!From a hall closet to an extra large garage… if you’ve got the stuff, Self Storage has the space.
Self Storage FacilitiesSelf Storage Facilities – Self storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves. As with more traditional storage methods, self-storage allows you to rent storage space where you can keep goods and belongings in specialist self storage facilities.