Self Storage Employment

Screening and Selection
The storage industry has evolved over the years. When placing an ad for employees, don’t mention storage. Instead, advertise for people who offer sales and customer-service skills. This approach to self storage employment will result in a larger response to the ad and bring in candidates with the traits you need.

During the initial screening phase, conduct a phone interview. Be prepared to ask and answer questions. General inquiries will cover salary, benefits and job duties. Ask the candidate to tell them a little bit about thereselves. This opens candidates up to talk so you can get a sense of their personalities. Self storage employment.

Look for a friendly, enthusiastic, well-spoken individual who is interactive on the phone. Keep in mind this is the person who will give customers a first and lasting impression of your company. Phone performance is critical in the industry. You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing, property features and amenities, but the most prominent difference between you and competitors will be your self storage employment team.

You can train an individual to operate the facility, management software and security system, but you can’t change his/her personality, voice, or what people refer to as inner-personal skills. Choose employees based on personality first, then their skills. If an employee cannot impress potential customers on the phone, he/she isn’t the right person to sell your products and services.

Self Storage Employment

Training Self Storage Employment
Training seems to be a difficult task for many operators. It should be organised and concise with set standards and a follow-up schedule. Employees never get it all right the first time. The biggest mistake supervisors make during training is failing to reinforce what employees have learned and determine what areas need more focus.

Retraining is a must to ensure all basic requirements of the position are clearly understood and executed according to company policies and procedures within you self storage employment boundries. Each property or business must have an effective operations manual that can be followed and referenced as necessary.

As a Job Seekerlooking to get into Self Storage Employment
These statements summarise what the general self storage facility are looking for in a candidate. Preperation is a major part when looking for any kind of job. Find out as much as you can about your possible future employers, be prepared to answer queastion regarding the job you have applied for. Its also a good idea to ask your interviewee some questions you may have in your mind, not just about the job but the companies future and their direction, training oppertunities, advancement in the company, even there company history.

Self Storage Feasibility StudiesSelf Storage Feasibility Studies – Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines “feasible” as 1) capable of being done or carried out; 2) capable of being used or dealt with successfully, suitable. When you consider this definition, it really captures the essence of performing a self storage feasibility studies for a site.