Self Storage Costa Rica

Costa Rica has leapt to the forefront in recent years as a premier eco-tourism destination. Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, this small country has an abundance of natural wonders for you to feast your eyes on. A true leader in sustainable tourism development, Costa Ricans are firm in their vision to keep their country free from the overt westernisation dooming many developing nations around the globe.

A visit to Costa Rica undoubtedly means you will be making a stop in San Jose, the country’s capital. A city bursting at the seams with more than half the population, a full range of accommodation, copious international restaurants and many museums, San Jose has plenty to keep the visitor occupied. However, if making the journey to Costa Rica it is highly unlikely that you came for the city experience. Fortunately, San Jose is well-situated so you can make it a base for your eco-adventures.

The number of Hispanics living in the United States is growing fantastically. From 1990 to 2000 alone, it increased 35 percent. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates about 14 percent of U.S. residents are Hispanic. So the natural pattern is to get self storage facilities up and running, for both local residence and holiday makers.

Self-storage should court Latino customers while they are getting established in the United States, advises Little. ?To overlook this market while it is in its infancy is not playing smart. Down the line, Hispanics will remember those businesses that were there for them when they needed a place to store their important personal and business goods,? she says. Theoretically, the move will be repaid with long-term loyalty and numerous referrals.

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