Self Storage Construction

Planning Services Should Include:

  • Comprehensive Site Inspections
  • Demolition and Retrofit Analysis
  • Preliminary Environmental Analysis
  • Analysis of Zoning By-Laws

Analysis of Project Confinements Including:

  • Use Allowances
  • Setback Requirements
  • Height Restrictions
  • Density Restrictions
  • Landscaping Requirements
  • Other Geographic Constraints related to self storage construction

Preliminary Design and Budgeting Services should Include:

  • Preliminary Building Layouts
  • Preliminary Topographical Analysis
  • Preliminary Utility Integration Analysis
  • Preliminary Project Budgeting
  • Impact Fee Identification & Analysis
  • Preliminary Project Scheduling

Self Storage Construction

Security systems are more than just a way of securing a site. They also provide an awesome marketing edge and an advantage over the competition. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Individual Door Alarms? These bring in higher rents and give tenants a stronger sense of security. They also let you keep track of tenant activity on site.
  • Access Control? Whether you are just installing a basic keypad at the gate or securing all doors and elevators, access control is essential to any site. For more bells and whistles, consider adding pay-at-the-gate functionality, intercoms, welcome displays, card readers and cameras to your keypads.
  • Consider including Digital Video Surveillance in you self storage construction project? The days of videotapes are over! Look for a system that offers digital recording, DVD archiving and remote capability. Self Storage Construction.
  • Music and Paging? Even the best designed facilities can be creepy and cavernous. Adding a music system to your facility adds a level of comfort for tenants. Paging capabilities allow you to easily stay in touch with customers throughout your site.

It is usually best to find a company that provides all of these solutions than to buy them from different sources. Do your research in self storage construction, and you will have a very marketable and secure site.

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