Self Storage Building Plans

Originally, exterior walls were predominantly plain concrete-masonry units (CMU) with reinforcement. Roof systems comprised bar joists, steel deck and built-up roofing. Interior partitions consisted of plywood or gypsum board on wood-stud framing. Interior doors, if any were solid-or hollow-core wood swing doors. Exterior doors were generally overhead sectional units on tracks. These doors were very high maintenance and would limit stacking heights. Normally, there was not much concern in regard to curb appeal. In fact, there were blatant attempts to add bright and sometimes garish colors to the outside to get attention from passerby. Self Storage Building Plans.

In the early to mid 1980s, the industry began to explode. During this period, self-storage owners and developers began looking for building materials that were more efficient and economical. The new pre-engineered/pre-fabricated metal-building industry fit this demand. Thus, the all-metal self-storage building was born. Self Storage Building Plans.

Self Storage Building Plans

Todays Buildings
Today, typical interior areas of a self-storage building consist of coldrolled columns on a 5-by-10-foot grid system with purlins at 5 feet O.C. (on center). Local codes, roof snow loads and lateral wind loads determine the size and gauge of these components, which is why the buildings are called pre-engineered. The sizes, gauges, lengths, etc., are manufactured by a fabrication plant thus the term pre-fabricated. Self Storage Building Plans.

The framing materials can either be primed red or gray oxide, or can be galvanized-coated. Most full-service building suppliers and contractors offer both coatings. Roofing materials are predominantly metal and preferably standing-seam or standing rib with concealed fasteners. The gauge of roof deck is 26, 24 or 22, with 22 being the heaviest. Close to 100 percent of this type of roof material is Galvalume-coated and, on some occasions, this finish is over-coated with a long-lasting architectural color.

London Self-StorageLondon Self-Storage – businesses in the UK and Europe are supported by the Self-Storage Association, now established over 7 years, which continues to see a steady 20% growth at its annual conferences and this pattern looks set to continue.