Salaries For Self Storage Managers

Being a storage manager is not an easy job. I get such a laugh out of those people without self-storage experience who call me to be placed in a manager’s position. The first thing they say is, It looks like such an easy job. All you have to do is chat with people, rent a few units, collect the rent, and just sit back and watch the time go by. Plus you get a free apartment! If these people only knew a site manager wears many different hats: salesperson, collections agent, lien-sale expert, maintenance person, security guard, office manager, supervisor to relief staff and psychologist to tenants. Not to mention most on-site managers are a team or married couple, and it takes a very special and talented person to work and live with a spouse 24/7. Pamela Alton, owner of Mini- Management Services.

Major Responsibilities

Personnel – Salaries For Self Storage Managers
Field personnel development

  • Hiring to be processed through company procedures with multiple interviews
  • Firings to be reviewed by Operations Director re legal implications
  • Counsel employees re disciplinary actions
  • Review and approve payroll/timesheets – submit to Human Resources
  • Review and approve requests for time off/vacations with managers
  • Salary/job performance reviews (review and approval by Operations Director)

Marketing – Salaries For Self Storage Managers

  • Coordination with Marketing Director re marketing strategies and implementation
  • Consultation with Marketing Director re initiation and success/failure of programs.
  • Coordination with Marketing Director re updates/upgrades to website.
  • Review Market Surveys, identifying market changes with recommendations to Operations Director resulting in increase sales

Sales – Salaries For Self Storage Managers

  • Coordination with Sales Director identifying training requirements and sales techniques
  • Consultation with Sales Director re training programs for individual managers
  • Customer Support
  • Continuous review with managers as to how best to satisfy and retain customers
  • Lien Process/Auction Proceedings
  • Monitor auction sales assuring compliance with California Law
  • Audit project files for compliance with lien process and auction proceedings
  • Coordinate and schedule auction dates with auctioneer 1 yr. In advance

Maintenance – Salaries For Self Storage Managers

  • Review project maintenance issue re cleanliness, curb appeal, repair needs
  • Report to Operations Director needs of substantial repairs / facility damage


  • Monitor and assess security needs at projects


  • Answer inquiries re Taskmaster issues ( with backup from Operations Director)
  • Counsel managers with issues regarding proper computer procedures

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