Mini Storage Business

To get set up in the mini storage industry there are certain steps that are taken. These points are not a regimental but will help when considering getting into the mini self storage business. Summary Highlights/Objectives

  • Objectives – Explaining the main principles of the mini storage business.
  • Mission – What is the project going to do. (Eg, To serve the Inner Londons local, residential and commercial mini storage needs).
  • Keys to Success – To provide dry, secure, and clean facilities with convenient access. To have good connections in the moving industry to direct customers needing temporary storage space to you. To be able to adapt as storage and market needs change. Staying on at the forefront of new ideas and developments.
  • Company Summary – Location, service, building information.
  • Products/Service – Keeping a quality service or product.
  • Market Analysis Summary – Look at where you are and what you want to do. Keep a eye on compatition. Complete research in detail as it can save time and money in the future.
  • Strategy and Implementation Summary – Keeping to a strategy can be difficult and stressful. Keeping to your summary rules can help.

Mini Storage Business


Completing some research into these topics can be a huge help when considering getting into the mini storage business. This niche of the storage industry is a growing trend accross Europe and around the globe.

In the external links section on the right, there are some of the industry leaders in the mini storage business. Have a look at there sites and see how they work, some even have details of there history so you can see how some of the larger company leaders have expanded and become huge successful organisations.

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