Furniture Storage

If you need to temporarily store belonging such as furniture then self storage is the best option. You may be in the middle of moving home or business and need to store you stuff for a week or month. Maybe you need to store old furniture that you intend to sell in the future but are busy with other duties. Furniture storage solutions is a growing service worldwide and massivly in demand by business and home customers.

A Basic Guide

  • Rent the smallest unit you can get away with and pack efficiently.
  • Plan out your storage unit before moving in items. Place items you want to access often in front and put electronics in the rear. Make an aisle for access to all items.
  • Protect your items by placing a protective cover on the floor or even on pallets, so there is no direct contact with the concrete floor.
  • DO NOT store “Flammable or Combustible” items especially furniture READ THE LABELS!.

Furniture Storage

More Basic Guide

  • Seal all boxes with tape, number your boxes and list the content on the outside of the box.
  • Mirrors and pictures should be placed on ends of the furniture storage unit(s).
  • You can use drawers to store items, if item is breakable, wrap in linens.
  • Use appliances such as refrigerator and freezer for storage of linens or clothes.
  • Tools can be stored inside empty trashcans, stack all empty cans inside one another.
  • Furniture legs can be removed to eliminate damage, however furniture will need to be placed on a drop cloth to prevent contact with furniture storage floor.
  • Store sofas and couches on end to save on floor space. Cushions can be wrapped and put in a protective bag or placed on top of furniture.
  • Cover upholstered furniture with furniture cover, cardboard or blankets and do not place heavy or sharp objects on top.
  • Place mattresses on end and make sure they are standing straight to prevent bend and damage, use a mattress pad cover or blankets.
  • Use a good quality lock that is hard to be cut or tampared with.
  • Do not store food inside the unit, if you must, place them in a sealed plastic bag, if not, you might attract pests or rodents.
  • Write down all items in unit and keep the list in a safe place with other important documents.

London Self-StorageLondon Self-Storage – businesses in the UK and Europe are supported by the Self-Storage Association, now established over 7 years, which continues to see a steady 20% growth at its annual conferences and this pattern looks set to continue.