Document Storage

Domestic: Are you like most people and keep important and sometimes irreplaceable documents in your home? Can you imagine the problems should they be mislaid, lost due to fire, or if you had a burglary and those documents were taken. Or have you taken the other course of action and spread everything about, leaving the Deeds of your house with the building society, your Will with the bank and placed the insurance policies in a tin box under the bed. Consider document storage. Apart from keeping those important documents together for security reasons, you would be helping your family or solicitor, who frequently experience problems when administering an estate, to know what documents do exist, should the unforeseen happen.

Commercial: In the early 1970’s when computers began to play a major part in our lives, it was predicted that they would create a paperless society. Even Congress agreed on the possibility and passed legislation requiring a reduction in government paperwork. Document storage would not have existed.

Document Storage

It was an incorrect prediction. It didn’t happen with the government, and it didn’t happen with business and industry. In the years that followed the prediction, the use of paper has not only increased, it has accelerated. Document storage therefore produces the service. As computers made writing and record-keeping faster, so did the number of paper records increase in exact proportion.

The proliferation of photocopying and fax machines have also contributed to this paper deluge. Recent research indicates that the average document created by government is duplicated 19 times. Copies of the originals go to every conceivable individual that might be peripherally interested. All of those copies are generally retained in files.

Where there is demand for a service there will inevitably be supply. Document storage facilities have been liasing with people both domestically and commercially for years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.`

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