Caravan Storage

Open Air Storage Sites

Effective solution to keep your caravan out of the way when you are not using it. Prices range from around A?3 per week depending where you live and the facilities e.g. some offer hard standing which is better than an open field such as the site pictured above. Key advantages of this is that your caravan is reasonably secure whilst being generally accessible (during the summer) and reasonably prices. The main disadvantages of this is that your caravan is open to all the elements all year round and if something happens e.g. theft or weather damage it can be a while before you are aware. We were made aware of a case when the wind blew a roof vent open and by the time the owner found out the caravan was seriously damaged inside.

Onsite security Guard or Warden

Thieves hate to be seen. The simple fact of someone living in earshot can reduce the chance of your caravan being stolen or vandalised. It also makes security devised such as alarms and locks more effective as the noise generated by them or trying to remove this is off putting to a thief.


Some of the more expensive sites include CCTV coverage. Make sure that it is recorded as thieves will soon get smart to dummy cameras or CCTV that is not monitored 24hours a day

Touring Caravan StorageTouring Caravan Storage – Nothing beats the peacefulness of taking your caravan of on another adventure. Here you will find links and information on touring caravan storage.