Car Storage

The answer is to find yourself a good car storing facility. Sadly, America appears to not fully realize the importance of such establishments according to our sources, as few exist, but in Europe and many other countries around the world you should have no trouble finding a good car storage facility at all. Make sure the company you choose, is not just the closest one, but a company that can offer a full maintenance schedule for the vehicle whilst it is in their care. That way you are guaranteed that the car will be in perfect shape when you are ready to pick it up for a drive.

Car Storage


Routine Care
At commencement of storage all cars should be washed, leather dried and the interiors valeted; tyres are inflated to, and, prior to delivery, fluid levels are checked and tyre pressures corrected, including the spare. Most car storage facilities will charge for this service.

Maintenance Programmes
The secret of keeping a car in good condition during a period of storage is to carry out a regular maintenance programme.

Before starting the car, oil, coolant etc, is checked. The car is then started and gently warmed up. Temperatures are carefully checked and when warm, the car is given a light exercise inside our property, to circulate oils, greases etc. A comprehensive list is then completed and presented to the owner.

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