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  Vinyl Storage Shed. Many homeowners reach a point where a new vinyl storage shed is a option to hold tools and equipment that have overflowed the garage and basement.    

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Storage ShedsStorage Sheds - The possibilities are endless! Storage Sheds are more than just indispensable storage. From season to season, they can add charm and style to your backyard environment and help you get more satisfaction from your life outdoors and more space indoors

Vinyl Storage Shed. Many homeowners reach a point where a new vinyl storage shed is a option to hold tools and equipment that have overflowed the garage and basement.

Vinyl Storage Shed (Click to enlarge)
Larger Garden Vinyl Sheds (Click to enlarge)

Vinyl Storage Shed

A vinyl shed is an easy and convenient addition to any home. Vinyl sheds are a durable, weatherproof improvement solution for all your outdoor storing needs. With a variety of shape and size to choose from, these sheds made an attractive and practical supplement to the backyard of a home or mobile home unit.

A vinyl storage shed are typically made from vinyl coated steel. The vinyl coating creates a finish that is thicker than most other materials. This adds the great weatherproof feature to the strength of steel shed, protecting your stored items.

There are several varieties of sizes to choose from. Vinyl is a great material for sheds that will be stored outdoors as they are more weather resistant than other types. You can find the perfect sized vinyl storage sheds for your yard. You can find great deals on vinyl storage units online. Quality storage kits are easy to order and assemble. There are no excuses turning your outdoor area into the ultimate storage area for you and your family.

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is essentially derived from two simple ingredients: petroleum and salt. Petroleum or natural gas is put through a process, called cracking, to make ethylene, which is combined with the natural element chlorine to produce ethylene dichloride. Another cracking process transforms ethylene dichloride into a gas called vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Finally, through a process known as polymerization, the gaseous monomer is converted into a fine, white powder - vinyl resin. However, one more step remains before the resin becomes a usable material.

Besides looking very much like flour, vinyl resin is analogous to flour. Both are of little use, by themselves. However, just as flour can be combined with other ingredients to make a moist cake, a flaky pie crust, or a variety of breads, vinyl resin can achieve various desired properties suited for a variety of end-products (like vinyl storage shed) once it is combined with selected chemical additives and modifiers.

Vinyl Sheds
Vinyl Shed Solutions

Vinyl Storage Shed (Click to enlarge)
Simple Garden Vinyl Storage Shed (Click to enlarge)

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Storage Shed PlansStorage Shed Plans - Save money, and say "I built it myself" with easy to follow storage shed plans, and step by step instructions for building storage shed plans.

Outdoor Storage ShedsOutdoor Storage Sheds - Before installing storage units, lay down cinder blocks, concrete piers, a concrete slab or at least crushed stone. But don't stop there. Make sure the supports underlying the floor are made of pressure treated wood.

Free Storage Shed PlansFree Storage Shed Plans - You donīt have to be a carpenter to build from free storage shed plans. All details are figured out the angles and worked out the measurements. Most plan comes with a complete shopping list, construction details, step-by-step instructions and photography.

Storage Shed KitsStorage Shed Kits - Storage Shed kits are available for most of your needs. While ideal for storing all things recreational, like boats, campers, airplanes, motorcycles and classic cars, outdoor storage shed kits can be the answer to virtually any kind of shelter or storage need.

Plastic Storage ShedPlastic Storage Shed - Plastic sheds are perfect for people who are looking for a maintenance free way to keep their tools and other items clean and safe from all kinds of weather.

Storage BarnsStorage Barns - Simply because storage barns offers the best protection against damaging elements. It is afforded for farmers alike and gives piece of mind that his livestock are safe and dry. The barn building is a dependable storage solution and has been for many years.

Wood Storage ShedsWood Storage Sheds - Whether you're looking for a small storage shed or a garage sized wood storage shed, a reputable online shed supplier will have a variety of wooden storage sheds from which to choose. Wood Storage Sheds.

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Shed City USA - Find vinyl sheds for your backyard or garden. Shopping for vinyl sheds has never been easier. No running around town ! No shipping cost ! Vinyl storage sheds arrive at your doorstep ready to assemble quickly and easily.

Three Legged Cross - A collection of garden sheds that has now become synonymous with the word quality. Before purchasing a garden shed, please inspect the quality of a Malvern. Once you have seen and compared Malvern quality we feel confident that you will choose a Malvern garden building.

ABC Home Center - Our online Catalog is available to you 365 days a year and our Friendly and Experienced Sales Representatives are available for questions and taking your Orders from 9AM to 4PM, CST, Monday thru Friday. Call our toll free line 1-800-853-7119 anytime and if we?re busy or not available we?ll call you back promptly.

Shed Topia - We have many styles including those with barn style, peak style, or slope style roofs. We offer sheds in numerous sizes ranging from large garage size storage buildings to small specialty sheds that fit in small places.

Vinyl By Design - By many standards, vinyl is a new building material, first used broadly during and after World War II to meet many of the critical infrastructure and safety needs of that time. Yet vinyl blends many attributes of traditional materials with the advanced performance characteristics of today's - and tomorrow's - building products.