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  Self Storage Marketing. With the correct marketing at your fingertips your business can increase sales and awareness. Have a look at your competitors and aim just that bit higher and become a major player. Self Storage Marketing.    

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Self Storage IndustrySelf Storage Industry - Self-storage companies rent storage space to consumers in a way similar to that of property owners renting apartments to tenants: Monthly rents are determined by the amount of square footage used by clients to store their goods. Self Storage Industry.

Self Storage Marketing. With the correct marketing at your fingertips your business can increase sales and awareness. Have a look at your competitors and aim just that bit higher and become a major player. Self Storage Marketing.

Self Storage Marketing
Marketing, a Positive Step

Self Storage Marketing

Analyze the Competition
I cannot think of a single competitive business endeavor where strategy does not play a preeminent role in success. However, it is perplexing how few people recognize strategy for what it is. Because of the rapidly expanding growth in the self-storage business, more attention is being paid to competition and there self storage marketing. But mimicking competitors' pricing is not a strategy, it's a tactic and a losing one to boot. All you accomplish is the lowering of both of your profit margins.

Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking. You must then judge precisely the right moment to attack or withdraw while correctly assessing the limits of compromise. You must remain flexible and be able to come up with realistic responses to changing situations. It doesn't matter whether you are a national or regional corporation or a single-facility owner, strategic self storage marketing applies to you equally.

A Competitive Advantage
You will increase your probability of success significantly if you apply the basics of marketing to your strategic planning. "I once wrote a five-year business and supporting marketing plan for a division of a highly successful corporation. To me, there was always a fuzzy line between the business plan, which included a corporate, customer and competitive strategy, and the marketing plan, which incorporated much of the same." Pete Faracovic, Self Storage Marketing Specialist.

In the real world of business, "perfect" strategies are not called for. What counts is a company's performance relative to its competition. A good self storage marketing strategy is one by which a company can gain significant ground on its competitors at an acceptable cost to itself. The goal is to avoid doing the same thing on the same battleground as the competition.

Self Storage Marketing
Self Storage Marketing

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Advanced Marketing Consultants, Inc. (AMC) - AMC can help almost any enterprise overcome their unique market related challenges through application of Advanced Marketing Consultants strategic Models and Action Plans. AMC works closely with principals and existing staff to achieve corporate objectives within specified time frames. Self Storage Marketing.

Online Self Storage - Online Self Storage, Inc. is an Internet development and marketing company focused on providing e-commerce solutions to the self storage industry. The company started development on the Internet application in 1999 and was formally organized in November 2000. The initial version of our e-commerce software was introduced in April 2001. Self Storage Marketing. Since it?s initial release, many owners have increased their success on the Internet by partnering with Online Self Storage, while many customers have benefited from the ease and convenience of making reservations and payments for their storage unit from their home or office.

Self Storage Marketing (Click to enlarge)
Self Storage Marketing (Click to enlarge)

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London Self-StorageLondon Self-Storage - businesses in the UK and Europe are supported by the Self-Storage Association, now established over 7 years, which continues to see a steady 20% growth at its annual conferences and this pattern looks set to continue.

The Importance Self Storage Marketing
Everything is strategic in self-storage even phone sales. Tactical phone selling is what you do when you relate your site features and the benefits they provide to a caller's storage problems. But there is strategic phone selling as well, and it is imperative that site managers recognize opportunities to use it. "Strategic" calls will vary. It may be that you receive a call from local government agency you have been working with on zoning issues, and it wants to store some files. You might receive a call from a large hospital close by, notorious for needing a lot of storage. A personal visit and a special pricing proposal may be in order. Perhaps a local corporation will call inquiring about vehicle storage. You may want to go down and explain how your 24-hour, computer-controlled gate access could benefit them. Maybe the mall next door, the one you have been waging accessibility lawsuits with, calls to inquire about storage. Self Storage Marketing.