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  Self Storage Australia. Self storage in Australia has grown over the boom period of the early 90's.  Expect a good quality service with a variety or services available for potential customers. Self Storage Australia.    

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Midland Self StorageMidland Self Storage - Self storage works best for items that you are likely to retrieve, but don't have available space at home. A mini-storage unit is convenient and accessible, and you provide your own lock and key for added security. Midland Self Storage.

Self Storage Australia. Self storage in Australia has grown over the boom period of the early 90's. Expect a good quality service with a variety or services available for potential customers. Self Storage Australia.

Self Storage Australia

Self Storage Australia

The global-village concept, self-storage has embraced international expansion. It moved early into our northern neighbor, Canada. Facilities can be found throughout cities in Mexico. Down under, in Australia and New Zealand, self-storage is beyond its introductory phase and well-entrenched in the culture. Of course, moving across the pond to the United Kingdom and Europe was a natural and, even though the concept needs more exposure, particularly in the European Union, new facilities are cropping up continually. Storage facilities can even be found in Durban and Cape Town and Durban, South Africa, and Tokyo, Japan.

Just by spending a little time on the internet you can see that the self storage bug has hit australia. There are plenty of local based facilities established as well as some of the leading big guns investing in franchising there US based self storage facilities.

The use of Packing accessories such as Cartons, Porta Robes, Paper, Tape, Bubble-wrap and Plastic covers will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage. A variety of packing accessories is usually available for purchase at the Self Storage centre office. Fill cartons to capacity; partially full or bulgingcartons may tip or collapse. Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small cartons so they are easy to handle. Books should be packed flat, not on their spines. Packing and labelling cartons room by room makes the unpacking much easier, and if you need to find something in storage you will have some idea of which carton to begin looking in.

Helpful Tips
Inspect your storage unit and make a list of the packing accessories which you will need. Commonly used packing aids include such items as wrapping paper, bubble pack, tape, rope, drop cloths, polyurethane sheeting, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, skids, and cartons. The manager may have some or all of these items for sale on the premises. Use all the space available, including the height. Disassemble items such as bed frames and tables. Place frequently used items near the front of the space. Fill containers to capacity. Partially full of bulging cartons may tip or collapse. Heavy items such as books or tools should be packed in small boxes. If a carton is too heavy, it will be hard to lift. Fragile items should be cushioned by packing and placed toward the top of the unit. Label cartons and take home the list of the labelled cartons for easy reference when you need to locate your property.

Self Storage Australia
Self Storage Australia

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Self Storage Costa RicaSelf Storage Costa Rica - Self-storage operators aren't the only ones searching for an untapped market in today's competitive environment. Companies like Ford, Wells Fargo, IBM and Hewlett-Packard have begun wooing the country's exploding Hispanic population. Could the Latino market be a potential bonanza for self-storage. Self Storage Costa Rica.

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Port of Brisbane Storage - Port of Brisbane Storage consists of Mini Storage plus secure open-air hardstand storage suitable for boats, cars and caravans.

Self Storage Association of Australasia - The Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) was founded in 1990 by a small group of facility operators. It has now grown into a professional industry body representing more than 600 centres across Australia and New Zealand. Membership is now widely recognised as an important asset aiding the growth, credibility and profitability of self storage businesses.

Self Storage Australia
Self Storage Australia

As a general rule place large, heavy items that you can stack upon at the rear of the space. Then work forwards and upwards with lighter, fragile items. Those items that you may need to access often, place in the front of the space. Depending on the goods you have stored, you may need to allow for walk ways. Packing in professional storage cartons will make the storing and unpacking easier and safer, saving you time and worry. Professional packing and storage accessories will provide your goods with the preparation they need for storage and maintain their condition for the term of the storage.