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  Employment Self Storage. Do you know how much it costs to hire, train and retain a new employee? The numbers may amaze you. One self-storage employee may be a bigger expense than you realize. Employment Self Storage.    

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Building A Self Storage ComplexBuilding A Self Storage Complex - As an investor, you want to spend as little time as possible with maintenance issues. Therefore, you need a solution that requires as little as possible. Steel self-storage units are high-quality and offer low lifetime maintenance costs, saving you both time and money. Building A Self Storage Complex.

Employment Self Storage. Do you know how much it costs to hire, train and retain a new employee? The numbers may amaze you. One self-storage employee may be a bigger expense than you realize. Employment Self Storage.

Employment Self Storage

Employment Self Storage

Many of us have had at least a few jobs in our time. If your last employment change was in the past few years, you may have noticed some rules of the game have drastically altered. On the one hand, technology such as the Internet has made our choice of position, location and employer more varied. On the other hand, the process of capturing that perfect position seems to have become more difficult due to a more competitive and technically savvy pool of applicants.

Finding good employees is harder than most people think. First, most facilities place employment ads that start with something like: ?Local self-storage business looking for ...? This approach may dissuade potential candidates, as most do not understand the business and have negative perceptions of the industry. They may envision a rundown garage-style property. They don?t realize we now operate in retail-focused office environments that are clean, safe and technological.

Remember! Define Your Needs!
Your first step is to evaluate the need to hire. If the open position is the result of a termination, consider absorbing merging it into another job description, changing it to part-time status, filling it on a temporary basis, or eliminating it entirely. When a new position is created as a result of increased responsibilities or workload, the company should ask if this is a good time to consider more efficiency and use current personnel.

Have a process to identify and prioritise job openings. Remember the importance of record-keeping in recruiting. Accurate documents need to be maintained for each step, including the job description, recruiting methods used, applications received, candidates interviewed, candidates chosen, and the reason for their selection. Good records will provide evidence for valid selection criteria, which will help reduce the risk of faulty hiring practices.

Employment Self Storage
Employment Self Storage

Employment Self Storage (Click to enlarge)
Employment Self Storage (Click to enlarge)

Do you feel comfortable with your self-storage applicants, their strengths and weaknesses, reliability and purpose? Do they seem genuinely interested in the position you offer? Do you ask relevant questions during the interview process? Do your candidates? Do they seem qualified at their current or past jobs? Do you check their references and backgrounds and talk to previous supervisors? Do you verify dates of employment, salary, eligibility and their reasons for leaving past positions?

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Self Storage Alarms - One of the concerns of people who use self-storage is not only the safety of their property, but of their personal safety as well. Self Storage Alarms.

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USAJOBS - The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site. For questions about information in a Vacancy Announcement or about the status of an application you submitted, you will need to contact the agency that posted the Vacancy Announcement. www.usajobs.opm.gov

Kolbe - Mission Statement: To provide innovative products, training, and services that enable individuals and groups to achieve desired results with the highest return on effort, greatest personal freedom of operation, and the strongest organizational viability. www.kolbe.com

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