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  Boat Storage.There's no doubt about the benefits of having your boat stored outside your back door. You can take advantage of those warm, sunny late fall and winter days to work on small projects. But with large boats that simply isn't an option. Boat Storage.    

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Kayak StorageKayak Storage - Ultraviolet light is a killer (aluminum canoes are the exception), so store your canoes and kayaks in a weather-protected area out of the sun. An open shed or canvas awning provides enough cover. If you use a garage, be wary of windows that project a focused beam of light onto the hull. Kayak Storage.

Boat Storage. There's no doubt about the benefits of having your boat stored outside your back door. You can take advantage of those warm, sunny late fall and winter days to work on small projects. But with large boats that simply isn't an option. Boat Storage.

Boat Storage
Storage for Boats

Boat Storage

There can be many reasons why you would need to use outside storage for large items such as boats or recreation vehicles. You may not have enough room on your property or even if you do, local ordinances or municipal laws may not allow you to store these large items on your property. You may need to store large items seasonally such as boats which are in the water in the summer however they may need to be in storage in the winter to prevent damage.

Different storage facilities offer different storage options and depending on your needs you should only use a facility than meets all of your non negotiable needs.

Many boat or yacht storage companies may offer services such as docking and launching. In fact it is not uncommon for these companies to offer a range of goods and services related to the items they store. Some car storage companies also offer some of these services however this is not as common. Some of the services offered may include:

  • General repairs on cars, boats or other RV?s
  • Sales and purchase of new and used vehicles
  • Repairs of osmotic blisters for boats or yachts
  • Gloss finishing
  • Welding
  • High pressure power washing
  • General Repairs such as mast repairs for boat or body work for vehicles.
  • Bottom painting and buffing on boats
  • General servicing of vehicles such as winterising.
  • Launch and haul out to storage
  • Cleaning, waxing and detailing.
  • Accessory sale and installation
  • Docking, launch ramps
  • Fuel service
  • Boat rental
  • Jet ski and pontoon rental
Boat Storage (Click to enlarge)
Boat Storage (Click to enlarge)

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Car StorageCar Storage - Storing a car can be tricky, adding unnecessary miles to keep the vehicle 'in tune' could decrease it's value and risk further damage, yet not using it can also do harm to things like the the brake system, fuel system, suspension bushings and various other components. Car Storage.

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Steel Master - Boat storage buildings from SteelMaster are tough and durable. All SteelMaster buildings are made from 100% heavy commercial Galvalume Steel, making our buildings virtually rust-free and the right choice for any application near the water. Our boat storage buildings have survived hurricanes, blizzards, hailstorms, and even earthquakes, which will ensure your investment will be safe from the elements.

US Buildings Direct - U.S. Buildings is an All-American, Factory-direct provider of the most advanced clear span protective building in the world today. Our buildings are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that features a fully automated, computer aided manufacturing line that creates a high quality product with the utmost precision. Having over 25 years of experience, you can expect a company that strives to exceed the expectations of our customer and surpass the standards of our industry.

Boat Storage (Click to enlarge)
Boat Storage Covers (Click to enlarge)

Inside or outside storage options are common with many storage companies especially boat or yacht storage companies. Some boats or yachts can be so large that storing these inside is not even an option in the local area. If you are being offered inside storage for your large items always check to ensure the doors are all wide enough and high enough so the item can actually get in to the bay without damage. You then need to check if the storage space intended for your item is high enough so that it can be safely and securely stored with no chance of damage due to tight space. This is especially important if your large item is to be stored on a rack similar to an outside car park where cars are stored on racks on top of another.